ASBK COVID Policy Update
(Updated January 23, 2023)

Symptoms of COVID infections are often mild and difficult to identify. If you feel ill or “off” in any way, or have symptoms such as runny nose, mild cough, headache, sinus congestion, etc., DO NOT COME TO THE DOJO.

Proof of Vaccination:
All ASBK members are expected to be up-to-date for COVID vaccinations as currently defined by CDC, which includes having received the new omicron (“updated” or “bivalent”) booster that became available in September 2022. All students and visitors will be asked to show proof of up-to-date COVID vaccination. Persons without proof of vaccination will be allowed to train, but must wear a well-fitting KN-95 or N-95 mask at all times while in the dojo (cloth or surgical masks are NOT acceptable).

If you have had a recent infection with COVID, you must test negative before training at the dojo:

  • A single negative home antigen test is sufficient (following an earlier confirmed positive test).

If you have had a known exposure to someone with confirmed or suspected COVID infection OR you have experienced the symptoms listed above, you must test negative before training at the dojo with either:

  • Serial self-testing with a home antigen detection kit (two tests, minimum of 24 hours apart) or,
  • A single PCR test 24-48 hours before coming to the dojo

If you have traveled on public transportation (e.g., plane, train, or bus), have participated in indoor group events unmasked, or feel you have been in any situation where you might have been exposed, we request that you test twice with a home antigen test kit before attending a class.

ASBK may host special events such as workshops or seminars. For such events, all participants may be asked to test twice before attending.

The requirement for wearing masks is evaluated every 2 weeks (based on local infection rates). Any changes to this requirement will be emailed to ASBK members and the current requirements will be posted on the dojo door. Please bring a mask to class every day. As of January 22, 2023, masks are optional for persons with up-to-date COVID vaccinations. Anyone not producing proof of up-to-date vaccination is required to mask (see above).

In the Dojo:
We continue to employ a layered approach to protect ourselves and our visitors:

  • Enhanced ventilation
  • Hand sanitation stations
  • Limiting the number of persons in dressing rooms at one time
  • Standardized dojo cleaning & disinfection procedures

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