ASBK Payments

Special Introductory Rates for New Students

Adults: $45/month for 3 months

Parent/child combination: $60/month for 3 months

Full-time students: $25/month for 3 months

For these rates, you may attend any Aikido class (in dojo, virtual classroom, weapons in the park) or Iaido class, or any combination of Aikido and Iaido. At the end of your 3 month period, regular rates will apply.
Payment for the Introductory Rates may be made by check to “ASBK” or by using the PayPal “Donation” button.

You can pay dues or donations either by check or by PayPal. The usual PayPal fees are added into the PayNow buttons and that is why these amounts are slightly increased.

PROGRAM by Check / month PayPal / month Recurring Monthly
Aikido $75 $77.47
      Active Military $65 $67.18
      Student $50 $51.45
      Addl. Family Member $50 $51.45
Aikido Modified (AiM) $65 $67.18
Iaido $50 $51.45
Iaido + Aikido $95 $98.05
Mat Fee / day $20 $20.88

 Make checks payable to ASBK or Albuquerque Shin-Budo Kai. 

Payment by check can be dropped off or mailed to: 
Albuquerque Shin-Budo Kai 
10500 Candelaria Rd. NE 
Albuquerque, NM 87111


10500 Candelaria, NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112     505-262-9383