Otachi Ryu Iaido

Beginning in 2011, ASBK also offers instruction in traditional Iaido – an optional opportunity open to ASBK Aikido students or to others who may wish to pursue Iaido alone. Iaido, which may be translated as 'the way of harmonizing oneself in action,' emphasizes a calm mind and precise movements while drawing, cutting, and resheathing an iaito (a metal Japanese practice sword). Like Aikido, Iaido is a form of traditional Japanese Budo.

ASBK is privileged in that Oneman Otachi Lanham Shihan, current headmaster/guardian of the Otachi Ryu, has authorized Jacob Park Sensei to teach Otachi Ryu Iaido at our dojo. Oneman Sensei has trained in iaido and karate-do for over 50 years, having begun his training as a young child in Japan, where he was born. He traces his samurai lineage to the Kamakura Period and General Odachi (or Otachi) Muneuji (大館宗氏) . Otachi Ryu Iaido is a unique family form, but is technically similar to Eishen Ryu styles of iaido.

While not part of the Shin-Budo Kai curriculum itself, the practice of Iaido is complementary to that of Aikido and its related arts. Through our partnership with Otachi Ryu, we offer yet another means by which our students may pursue the path of Budo.

Jacob Park Sensei, Otachi Ryu Iaido Chief Instructor and ASBK Aikido Assistant Instructor. Jacob began his martial arts training in Shin-Budo Kai aikido under Ralph Bryan Sensei in 2006 and began training in Otachi Ryu Iaido under Rodger Mayeda Sensei in 2010. Both Park Sensei and Mayeda Sensei trained directly under Oneman Otachi Sensei, who first brought Otachi Ryu Iaido to the United States. When Mayeda Sensei retired in 2018, he and Oneman Otachi Sensei appointed Jacob as Chief Instructor for Otachi Ryu Iaido.

For additional information and updated class schedules, please contact Park Sensei at sochiemill@aol.com.




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