Introductory Aikido Opportunities

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Free class the first Monday of each month.

While new students may begin anytime by visiting our Monday evening or Saturday morning open classes, we also offer a free Introduction to Aikido Class the first Monday of each month.

During this class, we will invite you onto the mat so that you can experience the basics of Aikido practice first hand. The 1 hour class begins at 6 PM and will also include explanations about the history and philosophy of Aikido, plus demonstrations by senior students. No prior martial arts experience is required or expected. If you have a practice gi, bring it along. If not, wear loose-fitting clothes suitable for exercising (long pants/sweats recommended). Please arrive 15 - 20 minutes before class start time.

10500 Candelaria, NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112     505-262-9383