Albuqerque Shin-Budo Kai

Albuquerque Shin-Budo Kai (ASBK) is a volunteer-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization dedicated to the instruction of Shin-Budo Kai style Aikido and related arts. The mission of ASBK is to promote and foster the philosophy and arts of Aikido, which is a modern form of Japanese Budo that embraces non-violent approaches to conflict resolution through personal development and self-mastery. This educational mission is guided by the ideals of Budo and the spirit and teachings of Aikido’s founder, Master Morihei Ueshiba, as passed on to us by Shizuo Imaizumi, Shihan, founder of Shin-Budo Kai (SBK).

The thread of ASBK’s history as a martial arts dojo runs through a number of individuals who dedicated their time and resources to establish Aikido training opportunities in Albuquerque. We are particularly indebted to Wade Ishimoto Sensei, who was the first to offer Shin-Budo Kai style Aikido training in Albuquerque. Ishimoto Sensei began studying Aikido in 1965 in Hawaii and became a student of Imaizumi Sensei in 1982 after retiring from the United States Army Special Forces. With a martial arts background that includes judo, boxing, and Goju Ryu Karate-do, he is also noted for his contributions to combating terrorism. Ishimoto Sensei joined with Shizuo Imaizumi Shihan in October 1988 when Imaizumi Sensei established a network of Shin-Budo Kai dojos. Ishimoto Sensei remained as the only Shin-Budo Kai Aikido Chief Instructor in Albuquerque until his move to Washington, DC in 1996. Jim Redel Sensei, a student of Ishimoto Sensei, was a Shin-Budo Kai Aikido Chief Instructor here until his resignation in early 2006. In March of 2006, Imaizumi Sensei certified Ralph Bryan Sensei as a Chief Instructor of Shin-Budo Kai Aikido in Albuquerque.

Albuquerque Shin-Budo Kai, Inc., a New Mexico nonprofit corporation, was established in 2015 to provide an official organizational vehicle whereby we could preserve, strengthen, and continue this long-standing legacy of providing education in Aikido and related arts to our local community.

We are a diverse group of aikidoka (aikido practitioners) that appreciates the camaraderie instilled by energetic, cooperative practice. During practice, safety and respect for others on the mat are among our highest priorities. Master Ueshiba taught that training in Aikido should always be conducted in a pleasant and joyful atmosphere. At Albuquerque Shin-Budo Kai, we try to embody this approach: we are a traditional dojo, but you will always hear laughter during our classes. We sincerely hope that you can feel this joy in training as well.

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10500 Candelaria, NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112     505-262-9383