Shin-Budo Kai

Shin-Budo Kai (SBK) is a national Aikido organization founded by Shizuo Imaizumi, Shihan, in order to teach martial arts concepts and techniques. Literally, the word, shin, may be translated as “true” or “the truth,” but may also refer to “faith,” “heart or spirit,” and “core or marrow.” Budo translates as “the martial Way,” and kai means “association” or “organization.” The meaning of shin, in this context, relates more to the idea of being “true to the original.” It is meant to convey a sense of genuineness as well as a commitment to the “core” or “marrow” of traditional Budo. 

Within Shin-Budo Kai, the arts of Aikido, Bokkendo (the way of the wooden sword), Jodo (the way of the short staff), and Genkido (the way of cultivating one’s body, mind and spirit through ki development) are the cornerstones of training. Training in Aikido forms the core, while genkido is foundational across all SBK arts. Practice in the use of the bokken and jo starts in the earliest stages of training.

Shizuo Imaizumi - Shihan

The symbol to the left, below the links, is the Tomoe, Imaizumi-Sensei's family crest. It embodies Sensei's approach to aikido - circular movement around a stable center. 

Imaizumi Sensei first started his aikido training in April of 1959 during his days as a student at Waseda University in Tokyo. He went to training sessions at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo, which was located within walking distance of the Waseda Campus. It was there that he first met Morihei Ueshiba (O-Sensei, the founder of aikido).

In 1965, with a rank of sandan, Imaizumi Sensei became an apprentice to the teaching staff (shidoin) at the Aikikai Hombu dojo and his career as a professional aikido instructor began. During this period he frequently would serve as uke, or training partner, for Ueshiba Sensei during the early morning aikido classes when O-Sensei would demonstrate and teach. After O-Sensei's death in April of 1969, Imaizumi Sensei was chosen to accompany Waka-Sensei (the son of O-sensei) and his wife to enshrine the remains of O-Sensei at the Ueshiba family graveyard at Tanabe. In the spring of 1972, Imaizumi Sensei made his first visit to the United States when he traveled to California and other areas of the western U.S. to teach aikido and ki principles on behalf of Koichi Tohei Sensei, who was Aikikai Hombu dojo head instructor at the time. After 3 months in California, Imaizumi Sensei returned to Japan and continued as an instructor at the Aikikai Hombu dojo until 1974 when he joined Tohei Sensei in his new organization, the Ki-no-kenkyukai (Ki Society; Shin-Shin Toitsu Aikido).

Imaizumi Sensei returned to the United States in 1975 to help Tohei Sensei organize and run Ki Society dojos in New York and elsewhere. On June 1, 1980, he began a three year assignment as Chief Instructor for the Ki Society in the United States, returning to his position as Chief Instructor for the New York Ki Society thereafter. In September of 1987, Imaizumi Sensei officially resigned from the Ki no Kenkyukai and returned to Japan in order to help with the management of his family's business there. He was able to return to the United States and resume his aikido career in April of 1988. He officially established Shin-Budo Kai on October 1, 1988.

After more than 55 years as a professional Aikido instructor, Imaizumi Sensei has fully retired from teaching. He remains in touch with all us via his periodic newsletter The Shiori.

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